About Us

Dawiyat Integrated Telecommunications & Information Technology Company, wholly-owned by SEC, was founded in 2009 with the aim of optimal investment in the company’s resources in the field of the company owned optic fiber systems covering more than 80,000 km Kingdom wide including villages, hamlets and borders and use them to provide integrated telecom services and improve quality and speed of Internet in the Kingdom.

Know More

  • More than 80,000 km
    of Fiber Optics

  • More than 1,500
    Locations in the Kingdom

  • 200
    Telecom Towers

CEO Message

In this respect, the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), in realization of such important facts, has invested thousands of millions riyals in establishing a strong infrastructure for telecommunication and information technology, including over 80,000 kilometers fiber-optic network covering cities, villages and hamlets in different parts of the Kingdom


To continuously facilitate the development of an efficient ICT infrastructure and ecosystem, for businesses and individuals, to create, transfer and achieve unprecedented synergies.


To be an indispensable part of the Kingdom and the Regional ICT landscape, enabling Governments, Organizations, Institutions and Individuals to advance in their goals every step of their way, provide a highly advanced platform for nurturing and preparing the best breed of local talent, expand economic horizons, optimize energy resources, and enrich all entities through collaborations for creating and introducing innovative solutions.


  • To apply international standards adopted by the world’s leading utility companies to activate telecommunication assets, and transform them into fully integrated telecommunication services.

  • To play a key and active role in providing fixed telecommunication services that have a solid infrastructure.

  • To support the National Transformation Program in achieving the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s plans and objectives, including the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ initiative for telecommunication and broadband services.

  • To significantly contribute to the information technology sector and the digital information community by providing support to a certain segment.

  • To be present in residential areas, covering large projects including educational, industrial, financial, and economic projects.

  • Strong Infrastructure for

  • New Investment

  • Lot of Jobs for Young

Why Dawiyat

Dawiyat Integrated Telecommunications & Information Technology Company has all prerequisites for national and international interconnection and at the highest standards as the fiber-optic network covers all regions and cities of the kingdom and even reaches the border points as well as the GCC states using a 80,000 km long network which grows at rate of 5% annually.

We Think

To take the helm at our specialization in the future which means we are aware of our responsibility by modernizing our services and improving our tools and serving customers on a permanent base

We Work

To take care of all details, meaning that we are aware of our responsibility in developing our businesses and improving them on a continuous base and work with team spirit

We Communicate

Humanity is our priority in telecom, which means that we are always aware of our responsibility through caring and support, working positively, listening and understanding, to make the life better for us, our partners and customers