«Modon» signs a memorandum of understanding with «Dawiyat» to study the establishment of fiber optic network in their industrial cities

Saudi Commission for Industrial Cities and Technology Areas (MODON) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Dawiyat Telecommunications Company (DAWIYAT), to study the establishment of fiber optic networks in the industrial cities of Modon and link to various sectors of the industry, using broadband services for high-speed telecommunications and high-speed Internet, utilizing the company's expertise in the provision of advanced telecommunications services and information technology.

The memorandum, signed by Engineer Khalid Al-Salem, General Manager of Modon, and Dr. Ahmed Sindi, CEO of Dawiyat, stated that Dawiyat would conduct a study of these cities. Additionally, Dawiyat will also be also responsible for providing voice, data, cloud, informatics, smart and Internet services packages for individuals and companies based within the industrial cities in accordance with the licenses issued by "Dawiyat" and its partnerships with the local telecommunications service providers. 

In this occasion Engineer Al Salem said “This initiative by is step of reflects of Modon's efforts to create smart strategic partnerships with government agencies and the private sector, and to creating achieving an integrated industrial system to serve Modon partners that will enhance its position in digital readiness and e-commerce, in line with its plans to upgrade in line with the strategy of the ambitious cities and plans to contribute to the implementation of the national transformation program. 2020, and achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030 development.

Moreover, he said, "This new transformation initiative will provide high-quality ICT services that will enabling industrial partners and investors to complete their factories and facilitate their management of enhanced management and quality control management quality control and tracking of their products remotely," he also added also “ it reduces the cost of production, especially the consumption of electric power, as well as opening the space to the creating a myriad of direct and indirect benefits that can be accessed through the exchange of data and content enabling and access to reliable high speed the Internet services. at high speeds and reliability.

Dr. Ahmed Sindi, Chief Executive Officer of Dawiyat Telecommunications Company, said: "We are delighted to have signed this memorandum of understanding with Modon and we are using the latest new generation of fiber optic technology, providing new connectivity options for telecom and Internet service providers, via facilitating and that broadband services in industrial cities will thus constituting a quantum shift in smart services. in these cities.

Sindi emphasized that the MoU with Modon comes as part of its efforts to spread high-speed Internet, support the knowledge economy and provide high-quality infrastructure in the telecommunications and IT sector. Dawiyat has an extensive promising infrastructure of more than 71,000 kilometers of circular fiber optic connectivity covering all regions of the Kingdom, in addition to a selection of cadres and national and international expertise specialized in this field.