Dawiyat Integrated Telecommunications & Information Technology Company, wholly-owned by SEC, was founded in 2009 with the aim of optimal investment in the company’s resources in the field of the company-owned optic fiber systems covering more than 70,000 km Kingdom wide including villages, hamlets and borders and use them to provide integrated telecom services and improve quality and speed of Internet in the Kingdom in line with the Kingdom Vision 2030 and the National transformation Program 2020 which includes many initiatives in this aspect, the most prominent of them is the initiative of deploying the broadband fiber-optic systems to homes”.

In recognition of these opportunities and challenges, and immediately after its foundation, Dawiyat Integrated Telecommunications & Information Technology Company has requested many licenses from the Communications and information Technology Commission (CITC). Consequently, Dawiyat Integrated Telecommunications & Information Technology Company has obtained a number of licenses such as lease of telecommunication facilities (CSP), Data Hosting Provider (DHP) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) license. Dawiyat has leased part of the optical fiber to a number of telecom companies in addition to senior customers and leading companies in the Kingdom.

  • More than 70,000 km
    of Fiber Optics

  • More than 1,500
    Locations in the Kingdom

  • 200
    Telecom Towers

The company also has concluded a number of partnerships at the local and regional levels to serve the development objectives, and is looking forward to speed up obtaining additional licenses to enable it to fulfill its mission and role in accordance with the National Transformation Program ( NTP ) 2020. This will contribute to speeding up broadband deployment in the Kingdom and reducing its operational costs and be reflected on the End user in terms of quality, speed and cost.